Yassine Conferences | Encyclopedia ‘Siraj’

Encyclopedia ‘Siraj’

Siraj encyclopedia includes:

  • Twenty-six books of Imam Yassine,
  • The books are consistent with the paper versions,
  • A brief account of Imam Yassine’s biography,
  • A search engine,
  • Links to some media,
  • Rare photos illustrating moments in the life of Imam Yassine,
  • The opportunity to comment,
  • The ability to update,
  • The ability to send observations and suggestions.

The Windows version is available for download on the following link: Windows version of ‘Siraj’

The revamped and expanded version of iPad retains the same characteristics of the windows version of Siraj and it is available for download on the AppleStore web page on the following link: iPad version of ‘Siraj’