Foundation for Research in Islamic Sciences

Foundation for Research in Islamic Sciences

The Foundation for research in Islamic Sciences was founded by a group of businessmen and academicians in 1970. Since its foundation, ISAV has set to work in order to find solutions to the existing problems and matters which mainly concern our nation, secondarily the whole Muslim world: Through the help of Allah, we took the step in order to throw up valuable scholars, thinkers and researchers whom we needed and particularly to provide them with ways and means allowing to conduct their academic work on Islamic field and finally to present these researches to the public use.

The Foundation, for the realisation of its goal, arranges symposiums nationaly and internationally and later, these papers and discussions are published in a book and are ultimately presented the public use.

This Fondation is the property not only of the place it is located or of the nation who created it, but of the whole world of science as well. Because of this, our institute keeps ıts doors open for every ındividual and every establishment working in the same area, regardless of their identities, and is always ready to cooperate with them on any scientific area and also is prepared accepting any contiributions and support, whether it is materal or spiritual, or scientifical.

Our foundation has the quality of being the first organization set up within its range to carry on research on scientific matters. It seems as though ıt has not been attained to our muslim people to express sufficiently the importance and the role of the scientists for the future of a nation with that the number of fellow organizations has not yet reached to a satisfactory level. And yet, recently we have seen some foundations were being set up that try to build up establishments and support scientists or protect those who are in search of knowledge. That causes to increase our hopes for the future.

Our foundation; among others, have been specialized in arranging national and international symposiums. Within the last twenty five year, despite many difficulties, it realized fiftyone symposiums twelve of which are international. In each of these meetings, a matter which concerns our people in particular and whole muslims in general is taken in hand. The problem is seen in all respects by the scientists concerned. The outcome of the research is brought into a paper separately by each scholar and later this ıs discussed by another scholar.

In addition to these, our foundation has been arranging some countrywide speciality groups attended by specialists in their own area and the papers prepared are discussed or reviewed by other competent scientists. All the minutes of the meeting are gathered in a book to be published.

This brochure was prepared in order to inform interested people about the subject matters of the meetings attained so far and that to publicize our foundation.

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